Saturday, March 26, 2011

Israel is soon to be 7!!

 Tomorrow marks the day that Israel has been counting down for a whole month now.  Tomorrow our little boy will turn 7...just can't believe that 7 years have passed since I held this little fellow in my arms.  Israel has really been into his birthday this year, or at least into counting down for it.  I believe this is the first year that he actually understands days and weeks and how time really goes.  He has been making a lot of trips to the calender the past few weeks to count the days until the 27th.

Israel is such Mommy's little helper.  He has always enjoyed hanging out with me in the kitchen, flower beds and in the garden.  He enjoys nature and always takes time to "stop and smell the roses".  Literally.  He knows how beautiful God's creation is and isn't afraid to tell you about it.

Lately, he has been into space. He thinks he might want to be an astronaut.  Justin and often think this young lad will someday find himself in the pilot seat of an air craft of some sort.  He can be found on a windy day with his bat man cape (courtesy of my Aunt Janet)  swinging just as high as he can, pretending that he can fly.  When he was younger, he would even ask when God would give him wings.  This past week, Israel saw that Lunesta commercial (some sleep drug) that show people getting fairy wings when they sleep and asked if he could take that medicine so he could get some wings.  Good grief....thank you so much pharmaceuticals!!

Israel loves the elderly.  He loves spending time with them and prays everyday for a dear elderly friend in Colorado whom he has not seen in a few years.  I pray that God will use this special gift for His glory someday.  It is a pretty special thing to see a little 7 year old enjoy the company of his elders.

Anyway...Happy Birthday to our little Israel...I love you little Buddy!

Israel on his first birthday

Israel about a year old

Israel with his special bat man costume

What a goof!  Having fun on their new tire swing

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Kelsie said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Israel!!