Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Special Days

The past few days at the Darling home have been super special.  This week in February is always a busy one b/c Valentines Day and Justin's birthday all fall within a day of each other.  I usually try to make the days each special and set apart, but frankly, the plan usually bombs!  Typically, surprises get thwarted by sick kids, bad weather or surprise job occurrences.  This year, the Lord was especially merciful and the plans went on w/o a hitch! 

Friday, I surprised Justin with a night alone...our first in the two years since Abeba has been home.  Wow, were we ready!  My mom and step Dad were super kind in taking three of the kids (Hannah had plans to go to a sleep over at a friend's house) on kind of short notice.  By the time Justin got home from work, the house was quiet and I was awaiting his arrival with flowers, dinner and such.

We had such a wonderful time together.  It was so nice to have an uninterrupted dinner, no noise and no interruptions through the movie.  There were no worries about who was getting along (or not!), what time it was (so everyone was in bed at the proper time) or whether or not the movie was too loud.  It was great. 

Sunday was a special day of worship with our church family and learning about our Lord.  Sundays are always special days to our family.

Valentine's day brought back a new tradition started by our wonderful kids, the Darling Diner.  The kids had a four course meal planned a couple weeks ago, and they had me get the groceries to fill their list.  Then, they cooked it ALL!  Did I mention how wonderful they are?

We had a special cheese fondue for an appetizer, a yummy salad, meat balls w/ baked sweet potato and this delectable, blackberry cheesecake for dessert.  They even made this strawberry lime drink to go along with it all!  They served us both at a table set for us only and then the older ones had the younger ones eat in a separate room.  We enjoyed a quiet (except for a couple minor distractions...when you have a 3 yr old, that is expected!) dinner together.  Have I mentioned what great kids we have?

This was a great end to Valentines Day!  Honestly, I needed this b/c the two littles were just a wee difficult all day!

Tonight, we will celebrate Justin's birthday with a special dinner and with vinegar pie (his favorite..I know it sounds gross but it is not that terrible).  I am so thankful for my man.  He leads our home in such a Godly way and with so much wisdom.  He loves us all and seeks to spend time with us.  He loves his Lord and shares that love with so many people.  I admire him; he is my precious gift.  The Lord has blessed our family through Justin.  He has blessed so many others through Justin's life.

I am so thankful for the husband God has given me.  He has given me someone special to spend my life with, to share in the joy of children with and to be alongside of through good times and hard times.  I am thankful that God chose me to be his help meet and to be his life long partner. 

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!  I am grateful for your life, your love and your commitment to me, to our children and to our Lord.

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Kelsie said...

Happy Birthday, Justin! Wow, Melissa - can we have a double date next Valentine's Day??! ;-) You DO have wonderful children. Praise the Lord for His blessings! Miss you!!