Thursday, April 14, 2011

Another Birthday in the Darling Home!

Today marks another birthday in our home.  Elijah turns 12 today! 

Every birthday to me is important.  The twelfth birthday seems to mark a turning point though.  When Hannah turned 12, it seemed like all the sudden she began to show signs of "growing up".  She began to mature in all sorts of ways, and it happened all the sudden and pretty quickly.  The same thing seems to be happening to my Eli.  The past week and a half his voice has began to deepen.  He is sounding like a!  Over the course of six months or so, he has began to shoot up in height.  He is very quickly approaching me, almost can look me straight in the eyes!  Eli has also become a very, strong young man.  He can lift about anything I ask him to and is a super big help to me when Justin is away at work. It is so wonderful to have another man in our home.  He helps me in the garden with running the tiller, loves to mow the yard and loves to use power tools!   Eli is growing up!

I remember when this young man was a wee little one.  He was a rambunctious, full of energy, strong-willed, little guy.  He loved his trucks.  He loved his G I Joes.  He loved to play in the dirt (and eat it!).  He loved the outdoors.  Still, he loves those things, just in a different kind of way.  He enjoys (maybe coveting a little?) cool, 4-wheeled drive, duel wheeled trucks, loves to watch war movies and likes to drive tractors and help on the farm.  He really enjoys camping, especially with the guys.  My little, sweet, baby faced boy is turning into a man.

Eli impresses me with his knowledge of stuff.  He takes after his daddy here....Eli seems to know little facts about different kinds of things.  He loves to look at fact books and seems to absorb the little tidbits of information.  One book he seems to be absorbing from is the Bible.  Eli seems to be soaking in the most important knowledge we have (and need!).  For his, what I call "Casual Reading", subject in school,  Eli has chosen the Bible.  He spends 30 min of his school time absorbing God's Word.  I am thankfull that God is laying on his heart the need to read His Word.

Eli and Abeba...Abeba knows who to go to if she is wanting to rough around!

Abeba loves Eli's horsey rides!

Eli getting his "army" ready for battle!
I do miss seeing Eli playing around like a 6 year old boy.  I miss his sweet little hugs and little boy kisses, but it is so sweet to see God maturing our little boy into a wonderful, young man.  It is such a blessing to see God working and maturing Eli into the man He has designed him to be.

Happy Birthday, Elij....we love you!!

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