Monday, September 6, 2010

Summer's End

Firstly, let me say a special Thank you to my sweet husband for the sweet words in the last post.  The birthday words were such a blessing to me.  I keep waiting for the "birthday treatment" to end, but Justin just keeps them comin'....I believe that he just might spoil me :)  I love him....more than words can say.  God has given me one special treasure!  He gave me a bouquet of flowers and the book by MaryBeth Chapman "Choosing to SEE" for my birthday.  I am pretty excited about both.  The book is one of those you don't want to put down.  I will let you know when I finish!

Now, it is Labor Day and I can't believe that Summer is over...well according to the marketing industry :)  Summer has been pretty full.  After the fair and play, food preservation kicked into high gear.  I have not done a full count of how many jars and how many freezer bags were filled during the months of July and August, but believe me it was a lot!  God has been so gracious in filling our cupboard and freezer for the winter.  I wish my batteries were not dead on the camera.....I would show you a picture of the jars full of color.  There are peaches and pie filling, cherries and brussel sprouts, salsa and soups, blueberries and pizza sauce,  jellies and jams, beans and blackberries, applesauce and pickles, juices of red and purple, plums and ground zucchini.  It was exhausting at times and the kitchen was a steamy, sticky mess most of the time, but it will all taste super good this summer.  I am so grateful that my mom taught me how to do all this when I was a younger gal.  This year the torch has begun the process of being passed on.  I got Hannah in the kitchen this summer making jam and jelly.  I am pretty impressed with her skills!

I am sorry that my posts this summer have been few and far between, but fresh produce doesn't wait and this gal was pretty pooped out most days.  We are all catching our breath now, and I am beginning to find the house again :)   Thanks for your patience in waiting for a new post.  Maybe, things will be slower for now.


Anonymous said...

I always enjoyed your applesauce with red hots! :)

Kelsie said...

Wow - your cupboard sounds like a wonderful smorgasbord. Or as my Mom jokingly says, "borgasmord". Speak that word to her, and see how she responds! ;-)
Anyway - what a bountiful harvest from our Gracious God!

Jenny said...

Too bad we don't live closer. We could share some time in the kitchen putting food up! Savannah has been a big help, and Jeremy's not so bad as a helper either. :)