Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Catchin' Bubberflies....

Abeba and Israel have spent the past two afternoon catching what Abeba calls "Bubberflies".  The butterflies this year have just been beautiful and plentiful and fall coming on has not changed that.  The beautiful little creatures love my Sedum flowers. There are hundreds of of little butterflies, I think.  The two littles are so entertained by each other.  Sometimes that is good, sometimes that is bad, but that is a whole different post!  Anyway, they just love the challenge of catching the butterflies.  Israel is quite the pro at it, and Abeba is pretty cautious still.  She talks herself into it, but then starts to touch them and backs off a little.  Quite amusing :)

Butterflies are Israel's favorite.  In fact, he is in the process of watching his sixth Monarch hatch from its chrysalis.  He has found the little caterpillars, fed them their milk weed and then has released them after enjoying their beauty for a day.  On the first day of school we were able to watch the caterpillar make its chrysalis.  Now if that is not a science lesson, I don't know what is!  Perfect timing!  I love homeschooling.

Here are some pictures of my little entomologists:

Smiling about it, just because Mommy said, "Smile!"

Israel was able to catch 3 of them all at once...impressive!  I think the batman cape just might help him accomplish this, don't you think?

Can you see the little bit of fear in her eyes???  She is just not confident yet :)


Kelsie said...

Yay for bubberflies! My boys love to chase them. That's been fun. I definitely think the Batman cape aides Israel in his master catching skills. :-)

Ranch Hand said...

Praise God it's back!