Monday, July 19, 2010

A week in Review

This past week has been pretty busy, but we made it!  The 4-H fair, the King's obligations and the play all falling in one week was nuts, but we did it.  Abeba was a great sport.  We were so proud of her.  She had to sit through what seemed like endless hours of judging projects, many trips in and out of the car, and a 2 1/2 hour play three days in row.  Abeba was a real trooper!  The fair was a success.  Eli and Hannah both got champion in one project each and Eli gets to take his weather project to the State Fair once again.  Israel had a grand time being King (though he had to juggle his king duties with 5 hours of play practice each day!).  He is certainly a girl magnet and is certainly not afraid to talk to any that might come up to chat! 

The play was a success though we have 4 pretty tired kids.  We don't have much on the calendar for today...just hang out and rest!

Here are pictures from the week....Enjoy!

Thankfully, there is a park at the fairgrounds.  This was a great getaway for Abeba!

Israel and Macy at the Cat Show.

Israel with all "his" queens :)

Peter Pan Scene

The Darling Children...not to be confused with the Darling Children (think Peter Pan)!

Hannah, Eli , Israel and Jocelyn

Israel with his new buddies, the Coughlin Twins....oh do they have fun together!  The Coughlin family is a local family we met this summer during the play.  They are leaving in few weeks to go to Ethiopia to get their two daughters. Check out their blog "4 Double G Ranch" on our blog roll.  Please be praying for their family.

Hannah with her new friend Jocelyn.  She is the sister of the twins....

Hannah playing Nana!

Can you find our lost boys????

Still looking???

Captain Hook, he played that part pretty well!  Abeba was scared of that "bad boy!"

Hannah playing her second part....a mermaid.  She is the one on bottom, left.

Lost boys hiding that they shot down that Wendy Bird......


Ranch Hand said...

You know, our children are absolutely CRAZY about your children!! ;-)

I'm so glad we've met! You've been such a blessing to us! (Especially on our journey~you've given us great advice!)

Can't wait to see you when we get home!


Kelsie said...

What fun! :-) Congrats to Prince Israel!

Our Family said...

Hi, my name is Michelle and we have also adopted from Ethiopia. We came across your blog a while back through the Whipple's blog. We met them during our adoption training. After we did our daughter's re-adoption, I saw your post on doing it yourself instead of through a lawyer and thought if we ever adopted again we would give it a try. We did adopt again, and brought our son home last month. I was wondering if you could give me any advice on getting started. Thanks so much!