Monday, July 12, 2010

We have a King!

 As part of the 4-H fair in our county, we have a Little Mister and Little Miss Contest which coincides with the Queen Contest.  It is always so cute to see a little 5 or 6 year old girl and boy dressed up in a crown walking around the fair, but who knew it would be our child doing that???  This March Israel heard about this contest from his older siblings and thought it would be a great idea for him :)  So, Justin and I thought, why not? It would be fun for the little guy....he loves dressing up and such!  Last night was the contest, and he came out on top.  He was chosen from only 4 other boys (more girls participate in something like this, of course!).  He did a great job on his interview and modeling of his two outfits.  Evidently, this little guy is not afraid of getting up in front of a crowd.  He definitely gets this from daddy, not me!
I guess we will find out just how many small town parades are in our county this next year, but that is okay.  It will be something special for him to do.  Now Abeba is already asking when SHE can put on a pretty dress and get on stage!!! Oh My!  There is so not ever a boring moment in our household!

We are thankful that God is giving Israel this opportunity and for us as a family to be a shining light for HIM in a different crowd than we are normally not around.  Praise God for new opportunities!

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