Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Darling Diner

Have I mentioned that we have the coolest, greatest kids in the world?  I am sure that I am not exaggerating, either!  Last week, the kids asked if they could fix dinner on Friday night, and, of course, I accepted that offer quickly!  They then got busy with cookbooks and pencils to find the perfect meal.  They made up my shopping list for the meal and had it all planned out, down to the last detail.  It was a grand meal.  I have a picture of the menu made for the occasion.

Justin's Birthday falls the day after Valentine's Day, so the kids decided that this would be a combination Valentines and Birthday meal.  We had our own table, set with crystal, candellite and my "company dishes".  We had a 4 course meal with sparkling cranberry juice, and we even had our own personal waiter!!

The meal was delicous.  Have I mentioned that the two older kids have a nack and talent for cooking??  Justin and I enjoyed some time alone and loved every minute of it.  Even Abeba got into the whole evening...too sweet!

After the meal was over and dishes collected, I headed to my purse to dig out 4 one dollar bills.  I handed each one a tip for the evening.  The older two declined but eventually accepted!  Abeba was excited that she got fifteen dollars (that is what she calls all money!) and Israel handed me the dollar back and said, " You wouldn't happen to have a Twenty would you??"  What a riot!  He happened to be saving for a video game and all he needed was twenty more dollars :)

Anyway, again, I am reminded how wonderful our kids are.  They are growing up so quickly.  It is neat to see how the older two are maturing into wonderful, responsible, loving young adults.  I have to remind myself sometimes of the almost "finished product" when I am exasperated with the piddly bickering and whining of preschoolers.....they do grow out of it and it happens too quickly!!  I can't believe how fast the years are going.

We got Daddy a new suit jacket, pants, shirt and tie for his birthday...he'll look good for Easter!!

I snapped this while the kids were eating their dinner...served after they served their parents!!


coffeemom said...

Fantastic! The new foodie hot spot! What cool kids you have!!

Amy said...

That's Awesome!

Molly said...

How sweet!

Emily said...

What wonderful kids! And so much fun to get to "restaurant!"