Sunday, February 21, 2010

Glamour Shot


Curly Hair!

REALLY Curly Hair!!!

Abeba's hair care has been a challenge and a learning experience for us.  We have learned a lot over the course of a year; mostly from the internet and from reading blogs about black hair care.  I have found there are MANY different types of black hair ranging from a little curly to super, tight curls.  Abeba has the really tight curl.  I have had some time to learn because her hair was so short in the beginning because of her ringworm.  She is now getting some length on her hair and now the work begins!  I have found some awesome hair care products called Blended Beauty Hair Care.  It is all natural stuff and works really well with her hair.  I am not one that wants to put a lot of chemicals on our kids and this product seems to avoid those harsh chemicals.  Here is a link for the place that I get her products from: .   We have also found the black hair care is NOT cheap.  Be prepared to spend a little (or a lot!). 

Another problem for Abeba's poor head of locks is this dry, harsh Indiana winter.  Winter is dry, so Abeba's hair will get super dry to the touch if I am not on top of things.  When her hair gets dry, Abeba starts itching and her hair begins breaking off.  Last night, I put her in the tub and realized just how dry her hair was.  I have read a little that capturing moisture from conditioner is beneficial and adding a little heat is also a help.  So, I wrapped the little gal's hair in saran wrap and then in a towel to trap escaping heat.  I think it helped.  Her hair feels so much better today.  Here is a picture of her "ice cream cone head" (that's what Abeba said of herself!).  Too cute not to capture with a picture!!

Abeba's hair is also now long enough for little pig tails on top.  That has been a lot of fun too.  We had in pink ribbons for Valentine's Day.  Too sweet!


Ladybugs appear said...

She's a doll. Good luck I am right there with you.

Amy said...

Oh, my- she is precious! What a beauty. Sending love from Alabama xx

Emily said...

What a beautiful girl!