Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Newest Family Member



Well, here she is!  We added a new family member today, Nora.  She is a Dutch Shepherd and is 3 mos. old.  Isn't she cute??  A dog has always been an asset to our family.  Justin and I had our first Shepherd before Hannah was born.  Tori was her name and was she ever a great dog.  She watched over me while Justin worked nights for 10 years and would let me know when anything was going on in the house or outside.  We had to put her down about 3 years ago and boy do we miss her.  We had 2 other Shepherds so we didn't replace Tori.  Recently, one of the other 2 dogs died unexpectedly.  We are down to one Shepherd who is 14 years old so we decided it was time for another watch dog.  Having a dog in the yard while the children are playing gives mom peace of mind!

So, sorry for all the hype.  It was all in fun.  Hope no one is disappointed!  The Darlings are excited though to have a new adopted family member.  (This one was certainly a quicker process!!)

It is great to know that If we were to adopt another "two legged" blessing, you are all there!  Thanks for the encouraging words!!!


ashley said...

She is so cute! So much fun for the family! We just got a puppy recently and it has provided lots of grand adventures! Way to string us along:)

Amber said...

Cruel and unusual!
But congratulations on your pup :)

Emily said...

You definitely had me going!!! I'm so glad this adoption was such a quick and smooth process:)

Kelsie said...

You're a stinker. ;-)

emily said...

That is hilarious!!

Anonymous said...

Love her! Is that brindled fur I see? How sweet!!!