Wednesday, May 20, 2009

To the Top!

I just read a blog posted by Coffeemom. It is another beautiful letter written by a desperate mom, pleading for help and longing to get her daughter, Marta, home. This sweetheart is stuck in Ethiopia, without her parents.

Coffeemom has decided to try to get her plea to the top. She has written a beautiful letter to Mrs. Obama, First Lady of United States. It is a wonderful letter from a mom, to a mom.

Do you happen to know people in high places within our government? Do you know someone else who might know a person who could make a difference here? Coffeemom is trying to get this letter to the White House via cyberspace. Can we help her?

If you think you might be able to help with this wish, please visit Coffeemom's blog and send it on.

Thank you blog friends and keep praying Marta home!

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coffeemom said...

Justin...You guys are the most faithful of friends. Thank you. Thank you. I am trusting in God's will but also SO grateful for your continued prayer and efforts on our behalf. Bless you....... Love m