Friday, May 29, 2009

Memorial Camping 2009

Again this year we joined some of our church family at a local campground for a Memorial Day Camp out. We were so excited to bring Abeba on her first camping trip. She loved it! We all had a lovely time with our dear friends. It was so relaxing!

Abeba loved waking up in the camper and being able to see her friends and outdoors. She awoke each morning singing herself a little song, staring out the window. Waking up is usually not her best of times, so it was refreshing to have her in such good mood right away. I learned to not open my eyes as soon as she awoke because as soon as I did she would get in my face and say, "Outside!". What a memory!

Below is some pictures of our time together:

Our pastor trying to bribe Abeba onto his lap. It finally worked...with a lot of honey wheat pretzels!

Our kids had been wanting to learn Double Dutch Jumping after watching Jump In the movie. I think the kids and adults all had a good time with the jump ropes I brought. I was really proud of their perseverance!!

One pooped out little girl!

Israel and his buddy, Justin

Hannah and her friend, Maggie

Eli spent most of his time on his bike riding with his friends

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Kelsie said...

Yay, pictures! We were thinkin' about everybody!