Friday, May 23, 2008


I had the pleasure last night of having dinner with a good friend of mine. He is a professor of Communications at a local university. We met when I was a student there and I learned that he was a believer through his class. We have continued to keep in touch and meet periodically for mutual encouragement. Last night I was brining him up to speed on our adoption process and telling him about Ethiopian culture and food. I told him about injera (the main staple in Ethiopia, a bread like substance) and how it is made out of Teff grain. I told him that we are going to grow a small plot of teff ourselves (more about that in later posts).
He told me that he had a neighbor when he lived in Florida that had an entire lawn made out of teff. He said he merely cut it very short and it made a w0nderful lawn. The only problem was that people kept slipping and falling on it..........Tefflawn you know....

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Raul Mosley said...

That is TOTALLY hilarious!!! So glad you shared this!