Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ahh....May flowers

I wanted to share some pictures of our flower beds. May is our favorite month in our yard. The irises and other spring flowers are at their peak. We just love it! When you step outside the aroma of flowers is so sweet.....I always hate to see it go. I am thankful for the change in seasons, there is always something new to enjoy. Aren't we thankful that God created such a beautiful world? The beauty of the flowers and trees this time of the year is a constant reminder of His awesome power and how he created it all for His Glory! I love the constant reminder of His constant love and grace to us through His creation.

For Memorial Day this year we again enjoyed the company of our church family at Ross Camp in southern Tippecanoe County. There were 9 families this year that camped. We counted up 18 adults and 24 children. It was a blast! The kids had so much fun fishing for frogs, riding bicycles, singing songs and hanging out together. I think we literally only saw our older two children at meal time and in their beds! The adults enjoyed some sweet time of fellowship, relaxation and encouragement in the Lord. We again came away from the vacation with our hearts running over with joy and love for our church family (and our bodies a little tired from those late night campfire chats :) ) A family that just recently joined our church called our fellowship "the promise land". That is how we look at it too....the love that our church family has for each other and for our Lord is so evident. We are certainly thankful and blessed.

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