Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hair Care Site

Lately, I have been doing a crash course on black hair care.  Abeba's hair is finally getting some length to it.  She had such a time with ringworm on the scalp, the Dr. said that it would take some time for it to grow.  Her hair is these tiny little curls that curl up on each other.  It has quite a bit of length to it but not quite enough for corn rows or intense braiding.  She is usually in pony tails (aka "poof balls") to avoid that inevitable knotting!

I have been using Blended Beauty hair products for almost a year now.  I love it!  I love that it is all natural and contains no petroleum products.  It smells so good that you almost see yourself tasting it!

I have started buying these products from the Blended Beauty site.  I had been buying it through another dealer, Sistasplace, but unfortunately, they took our money and sent nothing in return...grrrr....

Anyway, Blended beauty has a great place on their site for hair care for the different types of curls.  It is fabulous!  Lots of detail.  They are even on Facebook where you can ask them personal questions!  Make sure to friend them if you have a sweet little "chocolate" colored baby.  Super great advice!  Here is the link to their hair care tips:   I know that the Blended beauty stuff is pretty expensive, but it lasts a long time.  A little bit goes a long way.

Hope that this helps someone.  It has certainly been a help to this mama!

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