Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Can you believe it has been 2 years???

Today marks 2 years since we got our referral call.  Amazing.  Time just simply goes faster with each year.  I think that possibly we notice this as we get older :)

Justin and I just marvel and stand amazed at the changes that we have seen in Abeba.  She has been home for nearly 20 months now and has changed so much.  Most of the major issues she had when she came home have either completely subsided or are barely noticeable.  She talks non- stop...seriously!  She even talks (and argues!) in her sleep.  Pretty funny!  After measuring her a few months ago, we realized that she has grown 7 inches since she came home.  She went from 18 mos size clothing to wearing 4-5T....that is incredible! 

Abeba's smile is still the same as those first pictures, but she seems to have much more glimmer in her eyes.  What a difference a family, some direction and lots of love can do for a little girl!  Praise God for chosing her to be in this Darling family!  I thank Him often for all that He has taught me through the life of this little gal.

Check out some of her outward changes.....

 Referral Picture

Received this picture a month before we left.

 Came with our referral package...

 One of my favorite referral pictures....

 Too sweet not to capture!  Wonder what she is dreaming??

Hannah took this it!
Can you tell who has been watching Cinderella?  She told me she was getting married!  Not yet my dear!

Hannah attempting those impossible curls!

Powdered Sugar and Ethiopian skin...what a riot!

3 years old!

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Kelsie said...

Yay for 2 years! Wow - it's gone by fast for us, too! We're so thankful for sweet Abeba. Praise God for such a blessing. :-) Love the pictures!