Thursday, March 11, 2010

Special Times

Growing up I always loved spending time with my aunts.  They were ladies who would do things with my siblings and I that our mom would not normally do.  You know...go to the zoo, let you swim when you wanted, let you have cookies and candy before a meal, that kind of thing. Unfortunately, our aunts lived states away, so our time with them was minimal. Our children got to share in this pleasure last week with my aunt from Colorado.  She came back to Indiana in order to visit my grandma (she is in poor health, prayers would be appreciated please), and she was able to stay with our family for a couple of days.  It was great to see her, my cousin and my new second cousin whom I had yet to meet.  We all had such a great time together. 

My aunt Janet brought craft projects, ingredients to make cookies and ,of course, bags of candy and unhealthy, snacky stuff.  The kids had a blast making a mess with her  She even took them on an adventure to Chucky Cheeses and Ice Cream at Culvers while  I was able to get out and do some shopping by myself. I was even able to meet a friend for lunch!  It was time every mom cherishes!  I am so thankful that my aunt was able to come and spend some extra time at our home.  Thanks Aunt Janet for spoiling our kids with some old fashioned fun and lots of love!!

Abeba working on her butterflies for the butterfly mobile...lots and lots of glitter glue and stickers needed!

 While the older two tried to create masterpieces!
Can you tell that Abeba is enjoying this???

My aunt brought princess crowns for all the girl cousins to wear.

Papaw Baker and baby Dawsyn (isn't he just the cutest thing???)
Newest cousin Ava, she is a sweetie!

Older cousins playing Kemps

My sister Sarah, her daughter and my cousin, Amy, and her daughter

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