Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Meeting night

Last night I had the opportunity to speak about our adoption journey to a group of local women. I spoke at the Carroll County Republican Women's meeting. It was a great opportunity to show pictures of our trip to Ethiopia, talk about adoption and share how it has impacted our family. I don't consider myself a great public speaker, but I am certainly willing to talk about adoption in all most any setting, so I seized the chance and loved doing it. I hope I didn't speak too long, after questions and such, the presentation was about 45 min long! The time flew and everyone seemed very interested.

Justin has had some opportunities at the local Rotaries to speak and we are planning an evening at our church to share more in detail our pictures and thoughts. We are thankful for these times that God has given us to be a testimony of his love and grace in this aspect of our life. We believe that earthly adoption goes hand in hand with us being adopted as God's children- there are so many parallels.

I pray that last night God used my words to plant some seeds in the hearts of the women.


Kelsie said...

How exciting is it to live life as a child of God? When we, as His sheep, hear His voice and follow Him, He can do awesome things through us! It is wonderful to see God working through your life and the many ways He is using sweet Abeba for the work of His Kingdom. May you continue to serve as He leads...

Rachel Bushre said...

That's awesome, Melissa! Good for you doing something you're not necissarily a "natural" at for the purpose of building the Kingdom of God and spreading adoption awareness all at the same time. :)