Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Gathering worth Waiting For!

Last weekend our family was finally able to get together with our friends, the Whipples. They brought their son, Isaac home from Ethiopia in April and wow is he a cutie! We have met Isaac once before in Ethiopia when we were picking up Abeba. We had the privilege to take a package to the Whipples little one and hold him for them. What a neat experience that was. I have to say Isaac has grown a lot since that meeting. He is a happy and healthy little boy who loves his Mommy and Daddy. It was precious to see him.

Abeba and Isaac had a grand time together. It was fun seeing them interact with one another. Here are some pictures to enjoy.

Here are some pictures of Abeba's first experience of cooling off in this oppressive humid and hot Indiana weather. She was pretty reluctant of playing in the cold water. She was a bit happier with a bucket of water and sitting on the side lines!

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Janet said...

Great pictures!!! Soooo great to see you guys :)