Saturday, June 20, 2009

Date Night!

Last night Justin and I finally made it away for the first time since adding our 4th child! We had such a nice time celebrating our years together. We decided to go to an Indian Restaurant in West Lafayette. It was delicious...and I didn't have to cook! Yahoo! Indian Food reminds us somewhat of Ethiopian; they use some of the same spices. After that we went next door to a coffee house and got a drink to enjoy out on the patio. It was so relaxing. I believe I could have sat there for hours :)

We enjoyed each others company uninterrupted which was great too. We had some good chuckles too watching college age "kids", weren't we just in their shoes????

We then spent some time at the mall getting some special gifts for some special people. We wanted to send gifts to Wegaheyu, Zamet and her mother. I wish we would have thought about taking something for them when we went to stay at the Ayat house, but the thought didn't cross our minds at the time. We are hoping that CoffeeMom and CoffeeDoc will be able to take them with them in July when they travel to bring Marta home (keep praying for that dear friends). We got Wehaheyu a Purdue Unviversity T-shirt (since PU is local to us), Zamet a beautiful necklace (she looks fabulous in pink) and her mother a scarf. I just wish we could deliver them in person... They are certainly special people and will hold a special place in our hearts for a lifetime.

We spent about 3 1/2 hours together, oh it was too short, but enjoyed so much. We returned back to my mom and step dads to content kiddos. Abeba did great and really didn't seem to miss us. We walked in to her playing on the floor with a teddy bear and she looked up and said, "Hello" and went back to playing. It was good to know she did so well. She really seems to like her grandparents!

Tonight we have another special evening planned as a family. We are FINALLY going to go meet Mr. Isaac Whipple. They have been home since the first of April and it has been impossible to get together until now. I will be sure to post some pictures of that get together. We are certainly looking forward to it.

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Wendi and Mark said...

Happy Anniversary to you both! You visited two of our favorite places in West Lafayette, I think. If you ever return to the coffee shop, you should try their gelato ... yummy! Sounds like a fun night for you both! Wishing you many more happy years to come.