Monday, May 18, 2009

Misc. Stuff

This weekend we found ourselves attending a Reunion of the McGinnis Family. Unfortunately, my sweet hubby could not go visit his family (his mom is a McGinnis) that came in from across the U.S. He was tied up with work. We had family in from CA, GA, MI and of course all the locals from here in Indiana. We had a great time visiting with everyone. All were glad to finally meet our newest addition to our family, Abeba. I wasn't sure how it would go for Abeba, but it went beautifully. This was our first overnighter away from our home since we brought Abeba home. We really wanted to make sure that she was secure, comfortable and knew her home well before we ventured out to a different crib. She slept great, I was thankful since Justin wasn't around for support :)

We also spent some time with my siblings and nieces which was fun too. Not long enough, but never the less sweet. I was also able to finally introduce Abeba to my Dad though it had to be at his work place so that was short as well.

Here are some pictures of the event:

Justin's Mom and His Sister's Boy, Jacob

Abeba and her Papaw (Justin's Dad)

Justin's Family: We are all wearing masks not for Swine Flu, but because Justin's Uncle Roy is going through Chemo and Radiation for Lung Cancer, please pray for him. Aunt Cathy thought it would be fun to add some "lips" !

The McGinnis Family
Justin's Uncle Roy, Aunt Catherine, Aunt Carmelle and Justin's Mom, seated is Justin's Grandpa McGinnis

Abeba and Sydney found some water to play in, they both needed dry clothes after this!

Look what I found today! I was loading the kids in the van to go into town, I bent down to pick up something and this sweet little hummingbird was lying on the driveway. I believe the poor thing wacked into the window and was stunned. I picked it up and placed it on our feeder in hopes the cats would not reach him there. We came home and she was gone, I just hope she flew away fully recovered. I don't imagine I will hold a hummingbird like this very often!

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