Friday, May 1, 2009

It's going well!

The past two nights have gone pretty well in Hannah's room. When Abeba goes in Hannah's room she looks at her crib and says, "Night, Night??" She seems a bit puzzled by the whole thing, but loves the fact that she is now with the big girl! It just cracks me up :)

Last night she started out pretty rough sleeping, but she had 4 shots yesterday late afternoon, so she was still a bit scared and traumatized by that event.

I was surprised to see (and hear!) Abeba remembering the whole vaccination routine. She knew exactly what was up! We have a new Dr. so I thought maybe she would be clueless- WRONG! She figured it out quickly when the nurse walked in with latex gloves on and I started to take off her pants. The nurse commented after the 1st shot (as we both were having to hold her down) that she had never experienced such a strong little 21 mos. old! That is our little girl! She is a strong one---in many ways!

For that we are thankful (most of the time) !!

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