Saturday, August 30, 2008

Yard Sale Success

Thursday and Friday of this week was our benefit yard sale. We were blessed with great weather and by a good crowd. The biggest blessing of all though was the generosity of our family, friends and complete strangers. Our Church family and others donated a lot of things for the sale and we were so thankful for the variety of things that we had to sale. We meant to take pictures to share with everyone, but in the rush forgot (sorry Shelly). I have to tell you about one interesting thing that happened as we were getting ready for the sale. When I got home from work on the night prior to the sale I noticed a box of old books that had been donated, you see I must confess that I am a bibliophile , and as such I must look through boxes of old books. As I was perusing through the box I came to three books, all in order. The title of these books were: Orphans of the Storm, Rainbow's End and The Seven Darlings. Now, I am not a mystic, but I also know that nothing is "chance", I just found it very interesting. Those who have followed the blog know that we have named our little mini-farm here "Rainbow Acres", we are adopting an orphan and she will make the 6th Darling, but what about 7 Darlings?? interesting..
We are just overwhelmed with God's provision all through our adoption journey and the way that he has used his people and even those that do not know him to be a blessing to us and to glorify him through it all. The grand total for the two days of our yard sale was $1100.00. This includes many donations, several of which brought us to tears, especially that of our dear friends who also are waiting to bring their child home from Ethiopia. To those of you who have given so generously of your prayers, your donations and your work we thank you 2 Corinthians 9:6-15. We started this journey in complete reliance and trust in God and his provision for us and he has provided every step of the way. Our utter dependence on him throughout this process has magnified the fact that we are utterly dependent on him for all things.

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The Roberts Family said...

Yeah God!!! Been waiting for this post. :) What an encouragement to hear another testimony of God's provision concerning adoption. And I have to think that many seeds were planted in the hearts of folks that came. Adoption is so "out there" for so many ... even if you believe in it ... it feels like something unreachable, especially when you face financial challenges and don't have a padded bank account.

But this is a beautiful example of what can happen when we just OBEY ... and step out in faith ... and WORK HARD ... God pours out His blessing.

Way to go Darling family!!! And I can hardly wait to see down the road how He leads you to Darling #7! :)

Your little girl is counting on you to keep running this race. What a glorious day it's gonna be when you get there and see her face-to-face with your own eyes.