Friday, February 15, 2008


Today was our appointment for fingerprinting at USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Service). Our appointment was at 8:00am at the Hammond, IN office. We left an hour early (those that know me well would attest to the fact that I like to be absolutely, positively a few minutes early to appointments) my compulsion in this paid off today. Apparently they have just recently renamed the road that the USCIS office is on. The of the office is USCIS Hamond 7852 Interstate Plaza Drive Indianapolis BLVD (RT. 41) Hammond, IN 46324. The directions given on mapquest told us to turn left onto Interstate Plaza Drive off of RT 41. We had an impossible time finding Interstate Plaza Drive, the reason being that they have changed the name to Cabela Drive. This apparently was because of the new Cabela's store that they built on the other side of Rt. 41. Not only was the name of the road changed, but the office, which is called the Application Support Center on the sign, is located in the corner of a mostly defunct strip mall. Not only that but the strip mall is located behind an out of business big box store of some type...geesh. In any case we made it to our appointment on time and we fingerprinted very efficiently. In way of a book review of sorts I want to mention a book called "Motherbridge of Love" the book is really a poem about the relationship between a little girl, her adoptibe mother and how she (the girl) thinks of her biological mother. I highly recommend it, just have plenty of tissues nearby when reading it. We continue to be encouraged by so many people that we have met here in cyberspace through this blog and the blog of others, thank you all for your thoughts and prayers as we continue on this adoption journey together.


emily said...

Congrats on another step on the road to Ethiopia!! I too tend to be on time (early). :)

benjanetwhipple said...

woo-hoo! One more thing to check off the list :) Hope that I-171 comes quickly now!