Saturday, February 23, 2008

Shaohannah's Hope / Steven Curtis Chapman

Wow!! Our family got some very exciting news this week. We are going to be guests of Steven Curtis Chapman at his concert in Brownsburg, IN next Saturday (March 1st)!!! Let me give you a little background information... Steven Curtis Chapman is a contemporary Christian musician that has an organization called Shaohannah's Hope This organization was designed to help adoptive families with adoption funding. Steven Curtis Chapman and his family have adopted daughters from China, one of whom is named Shaohannah (thus the name of his organization). His current tour of the U.S. is based on his new album "Live in the Moment" and is dedicated to assisting orphans and adoptive families around the world. An integral part of his ministry is helping adoptive families by collecting change at his concerts, this program is called "Change for Orphans". Concert goers are encouraged to bring change (money) and deposit it in buckets at the concert, that change is then given to an adoptive family in the area.

We had already bought two tickets for my dear wife and I to attend the concert. We received a call this week from a great lady from Steven Curtis Chapman's organization stating that he would like for our entire family (even the kiddos) to be his guest for the concert. We will be appearing on stage with him and get to spend some time with him after the concert. We are so overwhelmed by the grace of God in all of this. We have been very thankful for the way that Steven Curtis Chapman has gone about his ministry to orphans and now we get to be a small part of this outstanding ministry. It is our hope that God is glorified through it all and that there will be others that will open their hearts to orphans. Our God is an awesome God.


benjanetwhipple said...

Oh, that is awesome!!! fun this will be for your family. God is good :)

Farmboy and Buttercup said...

How cool is that!!!

God is just so kind, you know?


Kimberley said...

That is soooo very exciting!!! Torrey & I will be there at the Shaohannah's Hope booth collecting money for adoption grants!!! Be sure to stop by to see us!