Monday, May 24, 2010

Updated Bathroom Progress

We are well on our way to having an extra bathroom in our home.  In fact, we might have a running toilet, sink and shower by the end of today!!  We are so excited (little things excite us :) !!  We worked almost every day last week hanging the bead board, painting and hanging trim.  The floor people came in last week and put down the prettiest vinyl floor I think I have every seen :)  It looks like hardwood, but has the cleaning ease of vinyl.  Love it, Love it!  Eli cracked me up when he said on Friday, "This sure is a fancy bathroom!"  I don't know if I would call it fancy, but it is sure an improvement on what the room was!!  I am thrilled with how all the little details that we planned and how they have all worked together to make a bathroom that will be functional and fitting in our old farmhouse.  We feel so blessed to have such a gift of a new bathroom, God has been super kind!

Yesterday, we were forced into clean-up phase.  Doing construction in your house is very messy.  The dust creeps everywhere.  Saturday night I realized that Israel had head lice.  Not just a lite case, but a full blown infestation!  YUCK!!  So, we stayed home from church yesterday to prevent any sharing and cleaned house.  We vacuumed and did laundry all day.  Probably will be doing it all day today too.  Needless to say, the construction dust was all cleaned up before the project is done.  I guess the clean-up after it is done will be a whole lot easier!

Here are a few pictures of the almost finished project:

We decided to hang a tin ceiling because the plaster was ruined because of water damage done many years ago.  Only lathe was holding up the insulation above so we put up plywood to hold all the lathe in place.  I love the "old" feeling the tin gives to the room.

Vanity before the sink...

The shower is here in this space.  We had to elevate the shower and toilet because the floor joists were going in the wrong direction.  Building codes have definitely changed since 1885!!  I like the look it gave the room.

Hannah and I decided on a very light mint green.  It looks great with the white ceiling and darker floor color.

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Kelsie said...

The bathroom looks great! Sorry about the head lice. Ugh. I don't look forward to that happening to us... :-(