Tuesday, October 6, 2009

One Year Ago Today

One year ago today we received our referral call. It seems just like yesterday that our sweet caseworker's voice was on the phone telling us that she had special news for us. That morning was full of excitement, joy and thanksgiving to our Lord. We finally had a name and a face that went with our prayers! We all scrambled to the computer, all 5 of us, snuggled around the screen to see Abeba's face for the first time. We all had tears of joy in our eyes. It was an amazing day!

Our first picture of Abeba

Looking back to those "waiting days" I think of all the lessons that God taught us. To the families reading this post anticipating your phone call, I urge you to take these days that you await for the "call", to prepare yourself and to reflect on God's goodness to you. I think I speak for my whole
family when I say that many lessons were learned during the 6 mos. of waiting. We learned patience. We learned to have more faith in our Lord and to rely on him for everything, right down to the last penny needed. We have seen grace and mercy in all situations that we faced and we even experienced a financial miracle. I believe that God gave us that waiting period to draw us closer to him and to make sure that we had a total dependence on Him. I know that the days, weeks and months seemed long, but I am thankful for each of them. I know that God had October 6, 2008 in mind the whole time. It was a day set by him in eternity past, so that on that day (and many more to come) he would receive the glory due to him.

Last night I just happen to glance out the window to the east to see a beautiful, harvest moon rising above the horizon. I stepped out to look and quickly remembered doing the same thing about a year ago. I remembered looking at the full moon and praying for our daughter half way across the world. The world seemed small to me while I was standing under that moon lit sky. I knew that God had everything in his hands including the life of our newly named daughter. That gave me an incredible sense of peace!

I am reminded often of the lessons God taught us while we waited for our referral. I pray that I will never forget these lessons. I think He reminds me each time I look into the eyes of our precious Abeba Faith.


Christy. said...

Oh I cried while reading this post! We have been on the wait list with CHI for almost five months now and I am so discouraged. We are asking for a toddler and were initially told our referral would happen fast, then 5-7 months and now their guesstimate is 8-10 months. I am sad, frustrated and discouraged. I know that God has a perfect plan but hearing someone say it that's on the other side helps the heartache a little. Thanks for being honest about the struggle in waiting, I am glad we aren't the only ones that have been in this place...
Now I am off to sew, maybe it will take my mind off all of this. :0)

Debbie said...

So glad you had the courage to take this "journey" and that you included us in the process, so we could see the Lord's goodness, greatness, and faithfulness through it all.