Monday, August 17, 2009

Start of School

I haven't blogged for a week because we are in the midst of starting school. It always takes a week or so to get everyone accustomed to the new schedule. I was curious to see how Abeba would react to all her siblings sitting at the table consumed with book work. She did great and joins in with coloring or playing with toys at the table.

This time of the year is difficult for me since school begins and canning is just getting into full swing for the summer. I have made a couple of batches of spaghetti sauce/salsa (great recipe, ask if you are interested!), juiced a bushel of tomatoes and canned some applesauce. All this makes for a busy day, but we will be glad we persevered (or should I say preserved!) through it this winter. I usually have two trees hanging to the ground with peaches, but because of the super cold winter this year we don't even have one peach! Bummer! I guess I should enjoy the break for this year.

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