Monday, August 3, 2009

Something to Think About....

Today finds me with lots of thoughts, too many to mention. I thought I would at least share these today.

This morning I took Eli to church camp, for the first time. There is something about leaving your child for a whole week for the first time. He is 10 years old, quite capable of going to camp and I still found myself with a pit in the bottom of my stomach as I drove away, hoping and praying that Eli will have a good time and make new friends. I guess this was hard because it is the first time away for Eli for a whole week under the care of a camp. Justin reminded me that we just flew half way across the world for a whole week and left the kids behind. That was hard too, but we left them with family and super good friends. Different than camp I guess. I will definitely miss Eli, but know that this time will be profitable for the both of us :)

On the way to camp I was listening to Moody. I enjoy the messages and the music on this station and this morning's message especially caught my ear. It was about adoption and how the church and Christians need to be involved in the care of orphans. Of course, this topic is near and dear to our hearts with just adding Abeba to our family through the blessing of adoption. This man did a fabulous job of exhorting us to care for the orphan, to come near to them and love them just as Christ has adopted us and loved us. He reminded us that we as believers have been adopted into a family, a family of God. What an Awesome topic....

Adoption is living out our faith as believers. I just pray that more believers will come to see this and put it to action. I know that not all families are "called" to adopt a child into their family, but why are not more of us at least helping? Have you pondered this? There are so many ways to help the fatherless. People can donate financially to groups that help adoptive families adopt, we can visit them, become involved in the child's life. Churches can help out orphanages.

I find myself wanting to do more. Our whole family does. I am thankful that God brought Abeba into our lives. He has taught me so much and caused me to become more dependant, humble and faithful. I know that I have so many more lessons to learn from this adoption journey, and I am grateful that God has used our adoption to draw me closer to HIM.

What more can we do to live out God's command from James 1:27..." Religion that God our father accepts as pure and fautless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their
distress...." ??? Just something to think about.....

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