Friday, August 7, 2009

One of God's Greatest Gifts

This week has been out of the regular routine for the Darling family. First of all, we only have 5 people in the house, so things have been more quiet and there is one less at the table. Secondly, Justin has been working a different shift than he usually works because of a local festival with a carnival which always helps police officers stay a little more busy. Daddy has been home in the mornings and early afternoon which has been a change of pace. I enjoy that once in a while.

This morning I took great joy watching my dear husband play with our younger two children while I cleaned in the house. What a smile I had on my face and heart as I watched him sit in the play tent with the kids-joking around with them. I then found him jumping on the trampoline playing tag with them, and then they were off to the swing set. The two children were screaming with delight the whole time.

I must say our family is so blessed (in many ways) to have a great father. I reflected this morning on the fact that Justin is a true "Daddy". He loves his kids, loves to teach them God's word, loves to teach them in the milieu of life and treats his wife with royalty. In the Bible, Abba father means "Daddy". I look at Justin and know that he is a small reflection of what God our father is to us. Only certain fathers can truly fit the meaning of Daddy. I am grateful that I have one of those men in my life and in each of our children's lives. God is so good all the time and I think that he went above and beyond when he gave Justin to me. For that I am so thankful!

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Kelsie said...

Wow! What sweet words, Melissa. Thank you for sharing your thankful heart. I appreciate the reminder to be thankful for the blessing of my husband and Daddy (!) to my two boys. God is so good!!