Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Awesome Job, Kids!

This past weekend's play, Charlotte's Web went off without many hitches. It turned out to be a great play and the kids did a fabulous job- all of them! Our directors, Sara Brosman, Kayla Haley and Debbie Glenn did just a wonderful job working with the kids. Their creativity is superb!

I am hoping to get a clip or two added to the blog, but this technologically challenged gal is having trouble. Hopefully, my techy hubby will get it figured out for me and for you! Unfortunately, I did not take any still pictures. I did remember the video camera though....it seems I can't ever remember both!

Thanks to all of our friends and family who came to see the kids in the play. Some of you drove great distances to see it and for that we are grateful! The kids love having people they know out in the audience. It seems to motivate them even more to do a good job. The children did an awesome job, we are so proud of them!

This week is catch up week for me at home. We basically have been home to eat and sleep the past couple of weeks, so needless to say I need to get some much needed work done around home. It feels good to not be coming and going so much.

Hannah is at church camp this week. Hopefully, she will have a great week making new friends and will grow spiritually. Please pray for her this week that she will be spiritually fed. We certainly miss her!

Eli goes next week to camp. This will wrap up our summer and then school will begin. Where has the summer gone? They go faster each year!

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