Monday, June 1, 2009

Never Boring...

We have found that being a family of 6 is never quiet or boring. Today is no exception. This evening I was home alone with the kids because Justin was at his monthly meeting. We ate a relaxing and early dinner- Ahh, that was nice! As I started clearing up the dishes, the weather alert alarm went off saying that we had a nice size thunderstorm headed our way. I went to the TV to check out the radar and golf ball to baseball size hail was a possibility. Not good. The camper was still set up waiting for me to unpack from last weekend. Okay, so I scrambled outside with the 10year son and started to take that down in a speedy fashion. That was done. I went inside and the kids started to battan down the hatches in the house, shutting windows and such for me while I went to change a very soggy looking diaper. Little did I know that that diaper was more than wet. I carried Abeba to the bathroom unknowing what was following me. I laid her down and realized that she had runny poo dripping down her leg. Ack! I then noticed it was running down my clothes. Hannah then hollered, "Mom, there is poop on the floor!" What fun! Of course, while all this is going on the storm has approached. It is raining with force so much that I couldn't see out the window. The wind started kicking up and then weather alert #2 happened: Tornado Warning for the adjacent county. I stripped off Abeba, cleaned her and myself up best I could in a hurry and yelled to the kids to head to the basement. Abeba went only in a diaper. After a few minutes, things began to calm down. Thankfully!

All is well and calm for now. I am thankful again for the Lord's protection and the small ways he teaches us patience.

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Kelsie said...

Melissa~ Wow - what a story! I hope Abeba's bowels straighten up, poor thing. I'm glad you can be thankful for ALL things... :-)