Monday, April 6, 2009

Sweet Words

Sundays are always special days in the Darling home. It is a day set aside for worship of our Lord, corporately with our church family. It is a precious time for us. This Sunday held even more precious things for me. Lately, I have been able to sneak out and let Abeba play in the church nursery. She does fine and everyone knows that if she gets upset to come get us as soon as possible. It is a good time for me to get some teaching time out of the Word of God and to have some time to focus completely on that. I enjoy the time to sitting beside my sweet husband too. When service was over I went back to the nursery to retrieve Abeba. I found her playing happily with the kitchen set, her back to the door. A little girl came up to me and was talking to me. The minute Abeba heard my voice, she turned around and said, "Mommy!" and came running. A similar situation happened again during the evening service. I sent Hannah back to the nursery to get Abeba while I talked with some friends. When Abeba walked through the door and saw me, she hollared across the sactuary, "Mommy!" I loved it. How special that was for me to hear. I think back to where we were with Abeba almost 3 months ago. Crying a lot, screaming fits. But that seems to be all behind us now. I am thankful for this progress, it is a neat thing to experience and to watch. All I can say is that God is so kind. We have been so blessed through the life of this little girl.

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Emily said...

How precious that word, "Mommy" is to hear coming from your child! I'm so glad to hear Abeba is adjusting well. You have all been in our prayers!