Friday, April 3, 2009

A Better Week

This week has shown some major improvements and progress with Abeba. Monday and Tuesday were just really rough in the Darling home. Abeba was really struggling with me and with who is going to win the battle of the wills. Her biting and hitting of her big brother seemed to be getting worse. I have been trying to be consistent and persistent with the discipline, but she had in her mind she wasn't going to let me win! Tuesday brought a very good teaching time between myself and Abeba, and after her two hour nap she awoke with a whole new perspective! The rest of this week has been refreshing and full of huge steps forward and not one biting episode. God has blessed us with some great little rewards. On Wednesday, Abeba began blowing kisses to me, let me tuck her in bed with her blanket (normally she just wants to lay down and not be bothered) and even let me rub her back while she laying in her crib. She just seemed more loving toward everyone in the family and seemed to have a little more glitter in her eyes. This is just what the Mommy needed this week! We are certainly thankful for how God is working in Abeba's life and in ours. We have certainly learned a lot (mostly patience :) ) the past few months and we are bound to learn more, I am sure!
Tomorrow we go to the airport to welcome home Isaac Whipple (along with Ben and Janet!). We can't wait to see them as a family. It has been a long wait for them and we can't wait to rejoice with them in person! I will be sure to put on some pictures of this sweet little guy.
Congratulations Ben and Janet!

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coffeemom said...

You're doing grand mom!! And dad! This is hard stuff and takes just a lot o' time! When Gabe was first w/ us he would only go to sleep alone in his crib, no soothing no holding. It was what he was used to, for a long time. And he was very rough. Lots of "gentle, gentle" and showing him how. Now, well he is still rough and tumble and also just really moving into the two year old will, ahem, but he is also just cuddly and sweet and only wants to go to sleep cuddling,w hich we totally run with, because it's bonding, right? And toooo sweet.

So, it will come it will come. You're seeing it already! You are all perfect for each other and the perfect patient parents for this sweet beautiful girl now! Hang in there! Love M