Saturday, February 14, 2009


Well, as you can see Abeba is adjusting quite nicely to everything. This week will mark 1 Month home and we couldn't be more pleased with the way things are going. Abeba's tantrums are almost non existent now (except for the normal 18 Month old things) , she is hugging and kissing us and loves her siblings. We are so thankful for God's grace and mercy in our lives. A Month ago things were very difficult, Abeba was upset most of the time, wouldn't let me touch her or hold her and had alot of tantrums. We see God working things amazingly for his Glory in our lives. An example of this was everyone's recent bout with the stomach flu. A week after we were home Melissa got very sick and was down and out. This forced Abeba to let me care for her, this was a blessing because now Abeba let's me care for her, hugs and kisses me and we play together.

We had our visit to the International Adoption Clinic at Riley Hospital for Children this past week. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Julie Keck and her staff there. She was very thorough, kind and just a great Pediatrician. She did a thorough physical examination and ordered blood work. We are happy to report that Abeba is right on physically and developmentally for her age. The only issues that she has is scalp ringworm and giardia and a little bit of anemia . These are all pretty common to children that come from Ethiopia and other areas like it. They are both easily treatable with medications. Thank you all for your continued prayers and checking in on us we appreciate you all so much. Here are some random pictures from the last couple of weeks.

Abeba and Israel

Abeba and Papaw Baker

Checking out the chickens

The whole gang on the porch swing


Emily said...

I'm so glad to hear your adjustment has gone so well! I can't believe it's already been a month! Funny how time flies when it comes to being home, but it just inches along when it comes to waiting!


Christina said...

happy to hear abeba is doing so well. cute pics!