Monday, February 23, 2009

Packing List

I realized this morning that I told several waiting families that I would post our packing list that I used for our trip to Ethiopia. I realize that this is a pretty long list, but when you are traveling across the world to a waiting baby you don't want to forget anything! I hope this helps waiting families!

Note to families using Ethiopian Airlines: They weigh your carry on baggage. The limit is 15 lbs.--they will charge an extra $60.00 to check any carry on that is over this limit. If we could do it over again we would not using rolling carry-on and use duffle bags or backpacks. They don't weigh your personal bags!

Justin’s Rolling Carry On

2 sets of clothes (pants, top, socks, underwear)
Emergency Toiletries kit
Meds (Tylenol, vitamins, Imodium, Tums)
MP3 Player
Important Adoption Documents
Care Packages
Travel Pillow
Cell Phone Charger

On his person
Cell phone
Credit Card

Melissa’s Rolling Carry On
2 sets of clothing (pants, top, socks, underwear)
3 set of Abeba’s Clothes (pants, tops, socks, diapers)
Video Camera
Copies of Important Adoption Documents
Book/ magazines
Journal (for me and caregivers to write in)
Travel Pillow
Small Blanket
Emergency Toiletries Kit (toothbrush, toothpaste, disposable washcloths, deodorant, germ- X)
Deck of Cards
3 dvds for video camara

Large soft bag (purse)
Emergency phone numbers for home and Gladney)
Wallet, cash
Travel Pack Kleenex
Antibacterial wipes (put in ziplock)
Powdered Airborne packets
Antibacterial Wipes
Digital Camara

Packing List for Checked Baggage

Ziplock Bags (quart size)
Kleenex (3 or 4 travel size)
2 roll of Toilet Paper (taken off roll and placed in ziplock)
bar of soap
shampoo and conditioner
Hair Gel
Medications and scripts (scabies cream, Cipro, Lice Shampoo, baby tums, baby Tylenol, Cold and Cough, Cough Drops, Imodium, tums)
Sunscreen (travel size)
Bug spray
Pedialyte (pack of 4 water bottle size)
Lotion for Justin and Melissa
Baby Lotion
A&D Ointment
Formula (took large can, but had to ration towards the end, I didn’t think she would take so many bottles)
Rice Cereal
Some Baby Food in plastic containers
2 baby spoons (one for diaper bag later)
1 plastic container and lid for cereal mixing
Disposable Sippy Cups (didn’t use)
bottles- Playtex with disposable liners (great help!)
Ziplock with powdered laundry soap
Tide stick
Feminine Hygenine Product
More Antibacterial Wipes (for cleaning things off)
Toys for Abeba (blow up beach ball, small bucket stuffed with small toys (she always had a bucket of toys in hand!), baby doll)
First Aid kit (Neosporin, bandaids, alcohol wipes)
Hair ties for Melissa
Hair ties and barrettes for Abeba
Baby Front Carrier (didn’t use she was too heavy)

Clothes for Justin and Melissa:

Underwear (7)
Socks (7)
Bras (2)
2 pair Jeans (for both)
1 pair dressier pants (for both)
1 skirt and shirt to match (for Embassy appt)
2 pair trouser socks
1 quarter zip (Justin)
PJs (both)
1 sweatshirt (Melissa)
3 Casual Shirts for each
1 Jacket for each (didn’t use as it was 80 most days during our stay)
Dress Slip on Shoes for each
Hat for Justin

Clothes for Abeba

9 outfits for Abeba (knit pants and shirts)
1 Jacket for Abeba
Socks for Abeba (7)
1 Dress for Abeba
Diapers- taking as many as will fit!
Diaper Disposable bags
Disposable Washcloths for Abeba
PJs for Abeba (3 footed and 1 cooler)
2 blankets

DVD Disks for Camera
Photo Memory Cards for Digital
Battery Charger for Video Camera
Extra Batteries for Digital
Charger for MP3 player
Phone Cards
Power Adapter

Humanitarian Aid
Took 2 Rubbermaid totes full of items, zip tied them closed and taped a letter from Gladney on the top that said we were bringing humanitarian aid.


Puffs for Abeba
Mac and Cheese (2 boxes-didn’t use no butter or milk)
Ramen Noodles 5 or 6
Granola Bars (2 big boxes for us and to pass out to begging children)
Cereal Bars
Instant oatmeal

Important Documents to Pack in Carry on
Tax Returns (’05,’06,’07)
Notarized Home Study and Addendum
Airline Tickets
Passport- Justin
Passport- Melissa
Copy of Recent Paystub-3
Cash- Bills no older than 2002 $1200 (we only used $900)

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Kevin & Laura said...

Thanks for the indepth list! We will hopefully be needing that very soon! Hope you guys are doing well!