Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Latest Update

Yesterday we received our latest update on Abeba:

“Abeba isn't sure if she likes me or not. She likes me when I can help

her, such as getting her out of her bed to play; and doesn't like me

when she has other options, like caregivers or little friends to play

with. Today she let me get her out of her bed, but when I needed to

take a picture the only face she would give me is the one in the photo

I included. She is becoming more demanding with the caregivers, and

can throw quite a tantrum. She can still be one of the sweetest kids

around when she wants, but when she is unhappy she can let you have

it. Get ready for an adventure! :)

So know we know, she is a real 15 Month old. She has good times and bad times. We know that as the days continue and we meet her for the first time, bring her half way across the world and change her world dramatically that we will experience a whole range of emotions from her and from ourselves. We know that the adjustment period will be hard, but we know any thing that is worth doing, and I can't think of many things that are more worth doing, is hard. We have not been called to a life of ease if we trust Christ, but we know that all things are for his Glory.

We have been busily packing, making arrangements and thinking about our travel. The Darling children have been great as things are in a bit of disarray around here. We cannot wait for the day that we will hold Abeba in our arms and bring her home to her family here. Thank you all for your continued prayers and stay tuned for the great adventure.


coffeemom said...

Don't let this unsettle you. YOu will be blown away by how much different it is for this sweet girl and how much you will see her bloom...just by the sheer number of folks she has caring for her dropping to you guys. When she starts to know that it's YOU, YOU will be there every time to pick her up, greet her, soothe her.....it makes a humungous difference. Think how it must feel to always have so many adults around, picking up...some the same, yes, some special yes...but when it's YOU, and mostly only YOU guys...well, it makes a huge difference. YOu can watch these kids relax and just blossom. No better word. IT's gonna be great. Toddlers are wonderful crazy fun little people.....She's beautiful, even in a snit. She's gonna be in your arms soon, it will make all the difference for you both! M

The Roberts Family said...

Love this update! What an amazing journey you're on ... we are rejoicing with you each step of the way. Blessings!,Shelly

Farmboy and Buttercup said...

Congrats on leaving SO soon!!!!!

I was wondering, though, if you might be able to take a couple pictures of our little one while you are there? If so, please email me through the link on our blog and I will give you specifics. I would totally appreciate it, but don't sweat it if you can't.

Anonymous said...

I think she will fit right in with the family. I am listening to Cessa throw a tantrum right now because she can't play with paperclips. Can't wait to meet her.

sparkz said...

Things will be so much better when you get home. Sounds like you are dealing with everything well. I have read several posts like this and expect chaos when we pick up our son.