Thursday, October 30, 2008

SCC / The United Tour

This past Sunday (October 26th) we had the honor of being able to yet again volunteer for Show Hope . You will remember from some previous posts that we received help from this organization, we are always thankful when we have the opportunity to be involved with them. Steven Curtis Chapman and Michael W. Smith are currently on tour gather, this tour called the United Tour was in Merriville, IN (about 1.5 hour drive for us) and we were contacted to volunteer in the Show Hope booth. It was a great experience for us, we were in the booth with two other couples who have also received help from Show Hope. These couples both have their children home, their children were from Indonesia and Korea. It was great to share our journeys with each other, it was interesting as well that I shared professions with the men in these 2 couples.
We were just overwhelmed with the people that we were able to talk to about adoption. There were couples who were just beginning to think about adoption, families that have adopted and people that just wanted to help adoptive families. We were thankful for the opportunity to share our adoption journey, encourage others and share about the grace and provision that God has blessed us with all along the way.

We are currently still waiting to receive a court date for baby "A". Pray for patience as we continue to trust in the Lord and his perfect timing. Also pray for our dear friends the Whipples they are in their 7th Month of waiting for a referral. We met them early on in our adoption journey and we have grown to love their friendship and fellowship as we share our journey to our children in Ethiopia. May the God of peace, who does all things perfectly, according to his own will comfort all the waiting families and the children who wait for them, all the while we know that "every child in Africa is yours (God)" - SCC

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Janet said...

OH man, so sad I had to miss that concert! We wanted to go, but we lead a small group on Sunday nights and only meet every other week...the Sunday of the concert, of course. Bummer! Glad you had a great time.

Thanks for mentioning us for prayer!! We're hanging in there!!!!