Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Blessed by our abundance

Our July 4th weekend was filled will an abundance. We started a tradition about six years ago of hosting a 4th of July party here at Rainbow Acres. It started by inviting our entire Church Family and has grown to include our Church family, other family and friends. Being that we are Baptists there is always alot of food, for which we are very thankful, lots of fun and great Christian fellowship. One of the highlights of the get together is launching potatoes with the potato canon, which we call The Spudinator. If I were tech savvy enough I would post a video here..but alas I cannot figure it out.
This time of year keeps us (mainly my wonderfully talented wife) busy with gardening, 4H and the like. The two oldest children are in 4H and my wife is a 4H leader, not only that but alot of fruit is ready this time of the year. I know I have posted recently about how I have been thinking alot about how much God has blessed us this year, how he has so abundantly blessed us. I think alot about how there is famine and drought where our daughter in Ethiopia is and what a contrast to the abundance that we have here.

Here are some pictures of what we are keeping busy with lately:

Our oldest with one of her 4H rabbits

Applesauce (Lodi) apples picked fresh today

The Garden

The Teff Plot

In adoption related news; it appears that the recent slow down that we have been experiencing may be resolved this week. Please continue to pray that we will have patience and perseverance through this time and pray most of all that in all we think, say and do that God will get the Glory that he wants and deserves.

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