Saturday, June 14, 2008

How does our teff grow?

We thought you all might like to see how our teff plot is doing.
Here is a picture of the latest progress.

We have had a very wet spring here in Indiana. It has been a challenge to keep the weeds out of the garden (as you can see in the teff). We have had an overabundance of rain in Indiana and many parts of the state have extreme flooding and disasters. This is the case in most of the U.S. right now as we can see on the news. It is quite a contrast to the drought that they are experiencing right now in Ethiopia, if we could just share some of our rain.
It has been easy to be discouraged lately. There have been many things happening that have caused us to be easily downtrodden, sad and discouraged. It is in these times that we need to hold fast to Christ, flee to him, because he is our solid rock. I have been encouraged this week by the writings of Horatius Bonar. In Treasures of Bonar , published by Chapel Library, I have found many words of encouragement from this man of God here is one thought that I have been reflecting on this week: "The truth is just this, that God's will is the law of the universe-His glory the object and end both in creation and in redemption-His everlasting purpose the mighty and all-perfect mold in which all things are cast, and from which they take their shape and fashion from first to last."
How overwhelming a thought that our God, the God of all creation, has planned all things, in eternity past, from the beginning to the last. Even the times in which we are discouraged, the times in which we feel that things are not going right, we know that they are going the way that they have been planned before the beginning of time, for God's glory and for his purpose, in this we find encouragement and peace.


Ellen said...

I enjoyed reading your blog - we are a gladney family working on our dossier. I hope your wait is short. The teff garden is awesome!


avery said...

Isn't it a comfort to know that God has ordained all of this before the foundation of the world?? It helps me with my perspective.......most days. :)

emily said...

My daughter was logged in last- that was me though. Emily