Thursday, April 17, 2008

While We Wait

We thought we would share one of the projects that we are working on this Spring. It is helping to be constructive while we wait for the I-171H to arrive. I am sure we will have many more projects to share as we wait for referral, wait for court, etc. We combined all our kiddos birthday gifts into one big gift this year, a trampoline. We being somewhat unconventional to most everything that we do decided we would bury the trampoline. Yes you read correctly, we have the only buried trampoline on the block. We took a cue from some good friends of ours that did the same thing to their trampoline. We simply dug a hole about 2 foot in diameter larger than the diameter of the trampoline (actually our great neighbor with a backhoe dug the hole), and as deep as the trampoline. This makes the top of the trampoline even with the ground, thus lessening the probability of falls resulting in compound fractures to the limbs of the children. We then put concrete reinforcement wire around the outside of the trampoline and covered the wire with plastic sheeting. This will help keep dirt walls from collapsing. It has been a great project to get the children involved with and has given us some great outdoor time this past week. They are looking forward to spending the summer bouncing into the sunset. Here is a picture of the trampoline in the hole:


emily said...

Our neighbors have their trampoline in the ground too- my kids love it!! That is a fun project while you wait.

~Laura~ said...

What a FABULOUS idea. I MUST show my husband this. WOW! I'm super impressed.