Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dossier...On it's Way

Here it is!! This is the mountain of paperwork that makes up a dossier for submittal to Ethiopia. The whole packet is on it's way via FedEx to our Agency, Gladney. They will look it over and then send it on to Washington D.C. where it will be picked up by a courier and hand delivered to the Embassy. They will have it for a while and then they will send it to Ethiopia where it will be translated in Amharic (the prominent language in Ethiopia). We will at that point be waiting for the referral of our daughter.
The lovely gold seals that you see on the dossier papers are for the authentication of the documents, even better that Charlie's Golden Ticket. The authentication is done by the Indiana Secretary of State. Authentication is a process by which the Secretary of State checks to see that any notaries that notarized a document are indeed certified as notaries in the State of Indiana, kind of a notarization of your notary. We spoke with our caseworker at Gladney this evening who laid out time lines for us and explained the referral process. Right now referrals are taking 3-5 Months. It is a relief to have the mountains of paperwork behind us, now we rely more that ever on our faith in God and his perfect timing....

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The Roberts Family said...

This is great news!!!!! Rejoicing with you that this huge part is behind you now! ~Shelly