Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Beautiful Thought

Yesterday I was reading through some of Gladney's Blogs and ran across this Blog, The Fournet Family . She had a beautiful post about the mothers of our children in Ethiopia. I have been pondering this blog all day. Here is what she says concerning the mothers in Ethiopia, "....These precious mothers are waiting for their prayers for their children to be answered, waiting for the Lord to respond to their cries for help. During my waiting process one of my constant prayers has been for the family our children have in Ethiopia. I do not know yet if they have been with their family recently or have been in an orphanage. But I have continued to ask the Lord to give these precious children as much time as possible with their family, as many moments as possible with their mother. I never asked the Lord to rush that time...even on these days when I long to hear news of a referral and I long for our children to join our family! While my heart already says I love these children as a mother....I know they will always have two mothers....and my prayers will always be with their family and people in Ethiopia."

I am often humbled at the thought that the daughter we will be bringing home once had a mother of her own. She carried her, loved her, and nutured her. By God's awesome plans, we will have a part in nurturing this child, raising her up in the admonition and love of our Lord, finishing a work that another mother started. What an awesome privilege! Thank you Fournet family for this prayer and thought...may it be all of our prayers as we sit and wait for that precious phone call.

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