Sunday, March 9, 2008

More Hope

After receiving the amazing gift from Show Hope last week we had another amazing opportunity this weekend. Steven Curtis Chapman had a concert in Wabash, IN last night and we were able to volunteer for Show Hope at the concert. It was a great opportunity to be able to give back something to Show Hope and to meet other great adoptive families. We were able to work at a Show Hope table and hand out materials and collect money. The best part of the night was that our friends The Whipples received a grant from Show Hope. They had the same experience that we did and were able to appear on stage with SCC and meet him after the concert. The thing that amazed us most was the connections that we have made with other adoptive families, espically other believers, through Show Hope and the common thread that we share. It is great to see the grace of God working in the hearts of his people and calling them to care for orphans around the world. We have become convinced (not that we weren't already) that the church can make a real impact in the lives of orphans globally. We know that it is nothing that we are able to do, but that it is by the amazing power of God and the grace that he shows in all of our lives.

Ok, so I left out something in our post about the Brownsburg SCC concert that my family insists that I share with you here it goes. As you will remember from my post we were the guests of SCC at his brownsburg concert. Well, prior to the concert we decided to stop at a nearby eating establishment. We decided that we should go inside the restaurant to eat as the kiddos tend to get stained, messy and greasy if we eat in the car. We brought a change of clothes for the littlest just in case.. Well we sat in the restaurant and begin to eat and as usual I had to get up to get something. When I got up, I stuck a little to the chair and to my dismay my wife pointed out that I had ketchup on my backside!! I was wearing tan pants and it was quite obvious that I had a giant stain on them . Well, of course we were going to be on stage with Steven Curtis Chapman in front of 1,000+ people and I had a giant stain on my backside! So, the saving grace was a tide to-go stain stick..we went to 3 different gas stations in the area to find one, but find one- we did. This is when my obsession with being terribly early for things paid off. It took it off wonderfully! Way to go Tide! No one would ever be able to tell it was there. Our 11 year old daughter was a bit embarassed as my wife had to rub the Tide stick on my backside in the parking lot of a gas station to remove the stain..a small price to pay to save the embarassment of a giant stain on stage...hope you find as much humor in the episode as we do! Needless to say, my wife will make that little orange pen a staple in her purse!

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benjanetwhipple said...

Yay for the story!! That's HILARIOUS :) We have some great pictures of you guys from the concert last night, so when I get a chance to download them, I'll send em your way!!