Saturday, February 2, 2008


First, thanks to anyone that gave to the baby blanket project over at Owlhaven..the project raised over $3,000 for baby blankets and a washing machine for an hospital in Ethiopia. Well, our past weekend was one of the greatest weekends of our lives. Our childrens first babysitter got married. She is the daughter of our vocational elder at church and a dear friend of ours. I was the pastor that officiated the service (my first wedding)! Not only did the wedding join two people who trust in Christ, but in even more firmly cemented the relationship between two churches. You see our church has come along side of another small congregation about an hour south of us. This congregation has been without a pastor for about two years and we have be supplying the pulpit for them with men from our own congregation (myself included). It is from this church that our friend and babysitter met the man that she married this past weekend. To top it all off our body of believers travelled to their church on Sunday to be a part of their service as they were installing a new vocational pastor and two other elders. I can't even begin to describe the way that God has been working in the lives of these two bodies of believers over the past two is awesome to see the grace of God active in the lives of his people.

On the adoption front...we received a letter from CIS this week stating that they had all the appropriate paperwork for the I-600A, this was a relief. We were a little concerned that we had not heard anything from them for some time. We received a call last week asking if we had sent in the documents that were missing from our first packet, we said that we had sent them...with confirmation return and had gotten the confirmation card back. Apparently the paperwork had not gotten to the right desk. Now it seems all is in order and we are just waiting for an appointment to get fingerprinted. We are quite amused at how many times we have had to be fingerprinted..especially when my officers have to fingerprint the Chief and his wife!! Please continue to pray for us as we continue on in our adoption journey, we are getting close to submitting our dossier. We had to have an update to our homestudy, due to my job change and that will delay things a bit. We have a wonderful opportunity to meet with several other adoptive families this coming Saturday. One of the Yahoo! groups that I belong to (inethiopia) is planning a get together for adoptive or soon to be adoptive families of Ethiopian children at an Ethiopian restaruant in Indianapolis. There is going to be about 30 people. We are all so excited to meet the people and sample the food. I look forward to blogging about it. In the mean time, we continue to trust in our God, knowing that his timing is perfect for all things.

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emily said...

I love how the Lord is creating these communities of families that are adopting from ET- it is a blessing to meet and fellowship with one another!