Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Blankets for Babies

One of the Blogs that we check daily and that we have gleaned great information from is Owlhaven. Mary, the blogger at Owlhaven is a homeschool mom with 10 children, many of whom have been adopted internationally. She has been a source of great inspiration and encouragement to us through her blog. We wanted to be sure to share an upcoming project of hers with everyone. On February 1st she will be taking pay pal donations on her site to collect money for baby blankets for mothers and children in Ethiopia. Some of her family members will be doing some mission work in a hospital there and will be buying the blankets and materials when they are in Ethiopia. We think this is a great thing and want to share the link with you. You can link to Owlhaven's site and information about the project at:
We have been amazed and encouraged lately by the way that God weaves our lives together with other believers and especially those that are considering or are adopting. We recently made contact with a couple near our area who are adopting from Ethiopia and are at about the same place in their adoption as we are. They plan to adopt a child of a similar age as our child. It is great to know that we will have someone near in the same situation as our family. We learned of this couple through a friend that is in the ministry at another church. This friend also has an adopted child from China. I stand in awe of the way that God works all things together for his will and to glorify himself.

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Owlhaven said...

Thanks so much for mentioning this project!!!

Mary, mom to many